Friday, October 24, 2008

What this is

I'm closing my other blog. I don't like how I don't know how to get pictures on it, and I don't feel like fixing it, so I'm closing it down. I'll copy the good stuff onto this one though.

So, onto other things. I no longer work for a printing/shipping company. I got a job at Epic, in Verona, Wisconsin. I'm a TS, which means my job description includes the job descriptions of all the other positions here. I write code, I do QA, I help our customers solve their technical issues with a smile on my face and encyclopedic knowledge in my brain.

Right now, I'm technically still in training. I've been here almost 5 months, and I'm almost done with everything that I need to be done with. Only one test and one project to go, and I'll be a fully qualified Epic TS. Huzzah.

This blog will accomplish several things. One, it's a soapbox to rant on. Two, it's a medium that prospective Epic employees can peruse to find what qualifications, ideas, and attitudes they need to have to procure employment with this exemplary company, in order that if they don't get the job, they'll know why. There is a plethora of posts on various websites complaining of the hiring practices of Epic. Personally, I found their full disclosure policy extremely fair and refreshing, but some people apparently didn't listen when HR went over the expectations. Their loss. The third reason for this blog is to earn a pittance with advertising and perhaps get a few people to sign up to take surveys for cash money. On two survey websites, to date, I've earned over $150. And this for nothing more than allowing an email account to be spammed. Links are over there on the right: ===>

Sit back, enjoy the reading, and let me know if you want a job here. I'm empowered to grease the wheels.

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